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Téléchargement du tutoriel (PDF)
Source code of all examples
Python. An Introduction to Computer Programming by Tobias Kohn (in German)
Turtle Graphics, Robotics and Games by Jarka Arnold (in German)
Libraries and Examples by Aegidius Plüss (in English)

Tobias Kohn: Teaching Python Programming to Novices: Addressing Misconceptions and Creating a Development Environment
A thesis submitted to attain the degree of Doctor of Science of ETH Zürich
Informatics education: Europe cannot afford to miss the boat
Introduction to Programming with Python by Günter Öller, Linz (Austria) informatik@gymnasium
A Proposal for Switzerland by J. Kohlas, J. Schmid, C.A. Zehnder, ed. (Hasler Foundation)

Sortie print formatée en Python

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